Meet Yippee Calle Tacos

Yippee Calle Tacos opens to cater your craving for authentic street tacos in Orange County, California

Taco lovers can now have the best-tasting, authentic, Mexican tacos served in their important events. Brothers Eddie Romero and Dustin Distefano have put their childhood love for gustatory delights to use by carrying on the family’s tradition of preparing food with only the choicest of ingredients. The result – Comida deliciosa!

About Us

Yippee Calle Tacos is based out of Orange County, California whose goal is to bring authentic street tacos to event catering.

We serve Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, and North San Diego Counties. If you haven’t made up your mind just yet – come and try our authentic dishes before you buy – we have a tasting every month for a very small amount of $10 per person.

Quality Food and Service

Yippee Calle Tacos only serves homemade food, and family recipes that have been perfected and passed down generation to generation. Eddie and Dustin pride themselves as impeccable hosts — you’ll get that warm, convivial feeling during events. Each food choice and serving accentuates tradition, culture, and a piece of home.

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