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Taco Bar

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Cooked on Site
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Our Famous Taco Bar Menu

2 Meats $12.50/Person

3 Meats $13.50/Person

4 Meats $14.50/Person

Limited Time Only!

Get 25 Free Quesadillas!

Feed your guest with real authentic mexican tacos. These recipes have been passed down many generations and have been perfected over the years. Choose between any of our 6 meats and 2 veggie options. Our food is prepared and cooked with only the finest ingredients and plenty of love. 

Our family have been know to throw some of the best parties with our food, music, entertainment and hospitality. And thats what we stride to bring to your events, a piece of our home, culture and traditions!

All Orders Include:

Our Meats

Our Veggie Options

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