Yippee Calle Tacos

Authentic Taco Tasting

$13 per person

join us for a food tasting

Try Our Tacos

We will be cooking on the spot for you our delicious tacos. You will be trying Carne Asada, Chicken, Al Pastor, Carnitas, Buche, Lengua, Hibiscus and Chorizo Tacos.

Get To know us

You will get a chance to hear our story, how we operate, what to expect on the day of your event and ask us any questions you would like.

Yummy Salsas

You will also get a chance to try our yummy salsas. So you can make a decision on which salsas will best suit your guests. Our salsas are Green Mild , Red Medium and Red Hot

What Else do we offer?

We will also provide more information on different types of food and services we offer. Did we mention you get to eat tacos?

Drinks Are Included!

But sorry amigos, no alcholic drinks will be given for this tasting
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